Operate options

Aerolet’s lifting systems are produced according to your wishes. Every person has a different body and requires individual adjustments, the STAND-UP lifting systems have different options to perfectly adjust the lift for each individual

Wash- and dry possibilities

People with functional limitations in their arms and/or hands often experience problems cleaning themselves after going to the toilet. The flushing dryer systems, in combination with the Aerolet toilet lifter, can solve this problem. A flushing wash and dry system (also called a bidet or shower toilet) is equipped with a shower head arm, which cleans the buttock seam with warm water and dries with a dryer, making toilet paper unnecessary. A flushing wash-and dry system ensures hygienic and fresh cleaning after using the toilet and is an ideal solution to remain self-reliant. Aerolet’s STAND-UP lifting systems are suitable for a large number of these systems, as well as built-in wash- and dry systems in a toilet bowl such as Geberit, Closomat, JHC.